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6 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 13   Routes to Ministry

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
13-01To Extol and Equip the Blessed Partnership Between the Royal Priesthood and the Office of the Public MinistryLay ministry support5-13, 6-0242221 2.1  Adopted 
13-02To Regularize Status of Licensed Lay Deacons Involved in Word and Sacrament MinistryCleaning up the mess from allowing licensed lay deacons5-13, 6-02, 13-01, 13-0332331 2.4  Adopted 
13-03To Address Future Church Leadership Needs in Light of Current and Future ChallengesNew effort to add non-traditional routes to ordination.13-0242112 1.8  Adopted 
13-04To Clarify Colloquy RequirementsRatiionalizing alternate routes to ordination.13-0342223 2.4  Adopted 
13-05To Respectfully Decline Overture20000 0.2 No Action
13-06To Fund Seminary and University Education ("Mustache Resolution") Adopted