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6 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 10   Funding the Mission / Stewardship

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
10-01To Recognize the Lutheran Church Extension FundCommendation.50000 0.5  Adopted 
10-02To Commend Startup of the Lutheran 1 Federal Credit UnionCommendation.40000 0.4  Adopted 
10-03To Encourage Individuals, Congregations, and Districts in Cheerful and Voluntary GivingEncouraging giving.9-0151432 2.7  Adopted 
10-04To Encourage Faithful Teaching of Stewards to People in Their Daily VocationsEntrenching doctrine of vocation.54554 4.6  Adopted 
10-05To Encourage Greater Use of LCMS Communication ResourcesEncourage consumption of Synodical news and info.51321 2.1  Adopted 
10-06To Promote the Use of Synodical Stewardship ServicesEncourage use of Synodical resources.52322 2.6  Adopted