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Floor Committee  Floor Committee Name  Chairman  Title  District  Region 
FC-1National Witness (Reaching the Lost)Rev. Mark MillerDPCentral IllinoisCentral
FC-2International Witness (To All Nations)Rev. Donald J. FondowDPMinnesota NorthGreat Plains
FC-3MercyDr. R. Lee HaganDPMissouriCentral
FC-4Life TogetherRev. Dan P. GilbertDPNorthern IllinoisGreat Lakes
FC-5CTCRDr. Scott R. MurrayFourth VPTexasWest-Southwest
FC-6SeminariesDr. James A. BaneckDPNorth Dakota DistictGreat Plains
FC-7University EducationRev. Timothy J. ScharrDPSouthern IllinoisCentral
FC-8Parochial SchoolsDr. Dean W. NadasdyDPMinnesota SouthGreat Plains
FC-9FinanceDr. Daniel P. MayDPIndianaCentral
FC-10Funding the Mission / StewardshipRev. Dwayne M. LueckDPNorth WisconsinGreat Lakes
FC-11Structure and AdministrationRev. Terry L. CripeDPOhioEast-Southeast
FC-12Ecclesiastical Supervision and Dispute ResolutionDr. John C. WilleDPSouth WisconsinGreat Lakes
FC-13Routes to MinistryDr. Roger C. PaavolaDPMid-SouthCentral
FC-14Church and CultureRev. Terry C. ForkeDPMontanaGreat Plains
FC-15ReformationRev. Peter K. LangeDPKansasCentral
FC-16Family, Youth and Young AdultsRev. Timothy YeadonDPNew EnglandEast-Southeast
FC-17Preaching and Church Worker Continuing EducationDr. Brian S. SaundersDPIowa EastGreat Lakes
FC-18Worker WellnessDr. David P. E. MaierDPMichiganGreat Lakes
FC-19Registration, Credentials, and ElectionsRev. Gregory S. WaltonDPFlorida-Georgia East-Southeast