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6 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 18   Worker Wellness

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
18-01To Commend Work of Concordia Plan Services and Its President and CEO James SanftCommendation.50000 0.5  Adopted 
18-02To Task Board for National Mission to Assess Worker Wellness and Make Recommendations for Worker CareMinisterial wellness initiatives.18-04, 18-0552432 3.0  Adopted 
18-03Addressing Indebtedness of Church Work ProfessionalsAlternate funding sources for students51433 2.9  Adopted 
18-04To Encourage Congregations, Ministries, and Church Workers to Develop an Intentional Wellness Care PlanMinisterial wellness initiatives.18-02, 18-0552442 3.2  Adopted 
18-05To Encourage District Presidents, Circuit Visitors, and Congregations to Utilize Resources already Established for Ministerial Wellness18-02, 18-0452442 3.2  Adopted 
18-06To Respectfully Decline Overtures30000 0.3  Adopted