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7 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 1   National Witness (Reaching the Lost)

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
1-01To Expand Evangelism and Encourage Use of Every One His WitnessSynod-wide adoption of "Every One His Witness" program.43423 3.2  Adopted 
1-02To Encourage Church Planting throughout the Synod andSupporting the Plant 150 mission-field congregations. Send out 18 new domestic missionaries.44342 3.5  Adopted 
1-03To Expand the Work of Revitalization and Encourage the Use of re:Vitality ProgramDevelopment of the re:Vitality program.42223 2.4  Adopted 
1-04To Encourage Immigrant and Refugee OutreachNational missionaries to at least 12 locations with significant immigrant and refugee populations.42132 2.2  Adopted 
1-05To Give Thanks and Praise to God for 40th Anniversary of HMong Ministry and Encourage Synod SupportSupport for continuing HMong evangelism.41213 1.9  Adopted 
1-06To Celebrate Legacy of Rosa J. Young and Encourage Launch of Rosa J. Young International AcademiesDevelopment of Rosa J. Young International Academies.53232 2.8  Adopted 
1-07To Encourage and Support Hispanic Ministry Initiatives Adopted