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6 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 16   Family, Youth and Young Adults

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
16-01To Celebrate Ministry of Rev. Dr. Terry K. DittmerCommendation.50200 1.0  Adopted 
16-02To Make Strengthening Lutheran Families a Mission PriorityPraising Lutheran Family Initiative.52222 2.3  Adopted 
16-03To Encourage Christian Care and Discipling of FathersGetting fathers engaged.52451 3.3  Adopted 
16-04To Increase Engagement of Lutheran Young Adults in Ministry and Service Work of LCMSFunding and resources for Lutheran Young Adult Corps.31213 1.8  Adopted 
16-05To Increase Our Efforts To Retain College-Age YouthKeeping school leavers in the faith.41341 2.4  Adopted 
16-06To Encourage CTCR and Scouting Task Force to Move Quickly in Providing Guidance Concerning ScoutingGuidance regarding Boy and Girl Scouts Adopted