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11 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 14   Church and Culture

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
14-01To Encourage Intentional Leadership in Matters of Religious FreedomPublic square voice for religious liberty.7-07, 8-0454555 4.7  Adopted 
14-02To Confess Sanctity of MarriageAffirming heterosexual marriage between two humans5-14, 14-01, 14-0355555 5.0  Adopted 
14-03To Respond Compassionately to Challenges to Biblical View of Marriage and Human SexualityAffirming order of creation5-14, 14-01, 14-02, 14-0955554 4.9  Adopted 
14-04To Affirm the Right of Clergy to Continue Conducting WeddingsResponding to suppression of relgious liberty.7-07, 8-04, 14-01, 14-0955554 4.9  Adopted 
14-05To Commend "In Christ All Things Hold Together: The Intersection of Science and Christian Theology"Affirming compatibility of faith and science44553 4.3  Adopted 
14-06To Encourage Outreach to Muslim NeighborsPotpourri of be-kind-to-Muslims statements31222 1.8  Adopted 
14-07To Encourage Vocation and Confession in Public SquareResponding to suppression of relgious liberty.14-0145555 4.9  Adopted 
14-08To Affirm Compassionate Care to End of Natural LifeAffirming sanctity of human life in all stages45554 4.8  Adopted 
14-09To Commend CTCR Document Affirming binary gender idendities.14-02, 14-03, 14-0445554 4.8  Adopted 
14-10To Thank Alliance Defending FreedomCommendation.51240 2.1  Adopted 
14-11To Affirm the Vocations of First-Responders Adopted