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7 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 4   Life Together

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
4-01To Celebrate 175 Years of Combined Ministry and Service of LWML and ILLLCommendation.50000 0.5  Adopted 
4-02To Reaffirm Witness, Mercy, Life Together as the Mission and Ministry Emphasis for the 2016-2019 TrienniumEntrenching WML-T Framework52324 2.9  Adopted 
4-03To Convene Task Force to Review Recognized Service Organization Program and BylawsRSO review and rationalization44454 4.2  Adopted 
4-04To Appeal to LCMS Congregations, Workers, and Institutions by the Mercies of God to Retain a Common Order of Service for the Lord's SupperMaintaining LCMS doctrine and practise re Lord's Supper15552 4.2  Adopted 
4-05To Continue and Expand Koinonia ProjectEntrenching Koinonia Project53332 3.1  Adopted 
4-06To Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Lutheran HymnalCommendation.50000 0.5  Adopted 
4-07To Respectfully Decline Overtures40000 0.4 No Action