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14 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 12   Ecclesiastical Supervision and Dispute Resolution

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
12-01To Restore Right of Accuser to Appeal When a District President Declines or Fails to ActKeeping District Presidents accountable.34555 4.5 No Action
12-02To Encourage Calling Church Workers on Candidate StatusAddressing CRM failures.34554 4.4  Adopted 
12-03To Amend the Bylaws on Candidate StatusRemove Non-Candidate status in bylaws.53555 4.4  Adopted 
12-04To Expedite the Dispute Resolution and Suspension/Expulsion ProcessesAddressing DRP inertia.23454 3.7  Adopted 
12-05To Expand the Composition of the Hearing PanelsBroadening representation.33445 3.8  Adopted 
12-06To Care for Returning Missionaries and Military ChaplainsReturning from the field.52535 3.7  Adopted 
12-07To Clarify Definition of DissentRestraining doctrinal dissent that does not follow regular order.23434 3.3  Adopted 
12-08To Provide Assistance to Lay Reconcilers Serving on Dispute Resolution, Hearing, and Final Hearing PanelsAllowing third party consultation for lay reconcilers42433 3.1  Adopted 
12-09To Update and Amend Dispute Resolution ProcessAdd appeal panel to bylaws, clarify 1.10.2, appointment and replacement of district reconcilers, appointment and replacement of hearing facilitators, honoring DRP, appeal of decisions, remove expense responsibility32332 2.6  Adopted 
12-10To Respectfully Decline Overtures40000 0.4 No Action
12-11To Establish a Procedure Based of Article XI A 2 for Removal from Office of Officers of the Synod or a District (other than the Synod or a District President). Adopted 
12-12To Encourage Proper Pastoral Oversight in Administration of Lord's Supper Through Visitation of Ecclesiastical SupervisorsNo Action
12-13To Address Eighth Commandment Concerns via Dispute Resolution and Suspension/Expulsion ProcessesNo Action
12-14Regarding the Right of an Accuser to Appeal When a District President or Synod President Fails to Act or Declines to Suspend Adopted