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FCname  Ecclesiastical Supervision and Dispute Resolution
Resolution  12-02
Title  To Encourage Calling Church Workers on Candidate Status
Key Action  Addressing CRM failures.
Jul 13   Passed 1033 - 14
Jul 10   Replaced with version A TB2-2
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Likelihood of adoption  3
Strenghtens Doctrine & Practice  4
Strenghtens Walking in Fellowship  5
Synod Priority  5
Executable  4
SCORE  4.4   (4.35)

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 Very Important The suggested Resolved statements below are good ideas and a motion from the floor should add those to Resolution 12-02.

DPs who disregard such a resolution when passed should be subject to ecclesiastical supervision by the SP. Oh, wait! That will just be added to the Koinonia Project list for endless discussion.
06/22 10:23am
 Very Important The resolution is entitled, "To Encourage Calling Church Workers on Candidate Status", but the Resolved items only encourage congregations to request names in a very narrow circumstance. I would like to see two more items added to the Resolved section. Both are common sense, but really need to be spelled out. First, add an item "Resolved, that congregations consider and call Pastors who are on Candidate Status." Congregations don't always view pastors on candidate status positively because of a perceived stigma. The synod should give guidance to congregations that these pastors ought to be considered. Second, add "Resolved, that district presidents pass the names of Pastors on Candidate Status to calling congregations." The resolution requires certain actions from the district presidents, but the resolution doesn't address the link between district presidents and the calling congregations. Adding these two Resolved items would strengthen the resolution and hopefully provide real help to the men who are languishing and being ignored on candidate status.06/18 01:54pm
  There are teeth in this resolution, but in my unfortunate experience, DPs who don't want an Inactive to return to parish ministry will find a way to keep him out. There should be accountability language in the resolution.06/18 11:53am

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