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6 Resolutions Found for Floor Committee 2   International Witness (To All Nations)

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Resolution  Title  Key Action  Similar to   L    S    F    P    X   SCORE  Cost 
2-01To Thank God for Faithful Service of LCMS MissionariesCommendation.9-0350000 0.5  Adopted 
2-02To Thank God for Increase in Number of LCMS Career Missionaries and Invite Further Increase and Support for Synod's Mission WorkCareer missonary support.9-0355554 4.9  Adopted 
2-03To Commend and Support Synod's International Schools and Their Role in the Church's MissionSupport for International Schools.52224 2.6  Adopted 
2-04To Reaffirm LCMS Military Chaplains' Right for Free Exercise of Religion in Face of LGBT Inclusion in Armed ForcesOpposing Federal Government binding the conscience of Chaplains.54445 4.3  Adopted 
2-05To Assist LCMS Rostered Workers with Their Confessional Integrity as Contract WorkersOpposing Federal Government binding the conscience of contractors.55555 5.0 No Action
2-06To Maintain Proper Balance in Foreign Missions between Congregations' Right of Self-Governance, the Role of Districts, and Our Commitment to Walk TogetherArticulation of congregational and synodical mission efforts.24431 3.2 No Action